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obese manTransforming your body could involve a number of procedures if the following is identified:

  1. Realize that you need to lower your weight after finding out that your BMI is greater than 25. A BMI of 30 and greater is considered obese.  Search Google for BMI to determine your number.
  2. Finding out that your total cholesterol level is greater than 200, LDL is greater than 130, HDL is less that 40 for men and 60 for women and triglycerides are greater than 150.
  3. Your blood pressure is greater than 140/90 and you may be prescribed medication. Normal blood pressure  is 120/80.
  4. Your blood sugar reading before meals is more than 130 and more than 180,  2 hours after the meal. Your A1c is greater than 7%.

All or any one of the conditions providing these readings can raise your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Generally, drugs are prescribed by your health care provider to lower the risk level associated with each condition.

However, there is one natural product which will address all four of the conditions listed above. This can eliminate the need for any or all drugs.

The product is Unicity Balance-Cholesterol or Unicity Balance-Glucose, depending upon the  relative level of cholesterol and blood glucose.

Go to either of the two websites to read about and order the product to resolve your health issue. Call 888-822-2702 if you have questions.

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