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Woman & Sore JointThe pain associated with arthritis and its affect on the body is a real problem .

Here are a few facts about the joints included in the human body.

  1. The body has over 360 joints.
  2. They are divided into 4 categories
    1. Hinge
    2. Gliding
    3. Pivot
    4. Ball and Socket
  3. There are 97 Million visits to the doctor for joint related pain per year.
  4. Seven million people currently live with an artificial joint.
  5. $280 Billion are spent on joint surgeries per year.
    1. $40,000 is the average spent per joint surgery.
    2. 400K hips are replaced per year.
    3. 600K knees are replaced per year.
    4. The back (22%), knee (19%) and neck (18%) represent 59 % of the areas affected by joint pain.
  6. What are the sources of all this suffering?
    1. Genetics
    2. Weight
    3. Posture
    4. Gender
    5. Chores
  7. So, where do we turn for assistance to resolve the pain?
    1. Exercise
    2. Pain medicine, injections and surgery
    3. Weight loss
    4. Ice & heat treatment
    5. Assistance devices
    6. Supplements

“This information is compiled by Unicity International from the following sources: ABC News, American Academy of orthopedic Surgeons, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The Huntington Press and WebMD”.

Everyone with a joint pain issue surely are familiar with some of the details listed above.  Unicity International provides  joint health supplements which have proven to be twice as effective as  the  combination of glucosamine and chondroitin. These  are two well-known supplements commonly used for joint health.

The latest product known as Joint Mobility involves the Type II collagen (UC-II)  Published studies have indicated that UC-II has been highly effective in supporting buildup of collagen in the joint . Check the details and take advantage of the latest solution to your arthritic pain.



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