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Make Life Better

Unicity Balance is a product that has the advantage of making your life better when it relates to your heart, to your blood sugar levels and to your weight. Those are three health issues that are related to each other. Control one and the other two are impacted. The main points addressed by Unicity Balance

Health Issues – Heart Disease, Diabetes & Excess Weight

Unicity Balance Clinically Proven Natural Supplement Do your health issues include high cholesterol, blood sugar levels and excess weight? Here is a natural product which will lower cholesterol, control blood sugar and accelerate weight loss.  Healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels are supported. Glucose absorption into the blood stream is slowed. When controlling weight, your hunger

What Does the Cardiologist have to say?

Listen to the testimony of Dr Gerald Bresnahan, nationally known cardiologist, who spent twelve years as ‘Cardiologist on Call’ for people such as The President, The Queen of England, The Pope and other visiting dignitaries to Southern California. He was able to lower his cholesterol with Bios Life, now known as Balance-Cholesterol, and recommends it

Eat to Lower Cholesterol

Eating your way to a higher cholesterol level is simple. It is easy to increase the amount of bad cholesterol flowing through your blood stream by raising the amount of saturated fats and trans fats in your diet. You can also eat to your way to a lower cholesterol level. The objective is to achieve

Heart Attacks caused by Shoveling Snow

The Heart Health Tip for the Day. How many heart attacks are happening due to shoveling snow during the current winter snow season? The odds are that there are too many. A blockage of the arteries by plaque is a major problem increasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Have your heart checked by

Lower Your High Cholesterol

There are many reasons for high cholesterol. It can be caused by: 1. lack of proper levels of soluble dietary fiber 2. family genetics 3. eating foods high in saturated fat 4. all of the above. The FDA has recognized the importance of fiber in this medical problem and specifies that it be listed on

The Diet to Lower Cholesterol and Improve Heart Health

                                                Use your diet to lower cholesterol and improve your heart health. Harvard Medical School recommends that there are 4 steps to eat your way to lower cholesterol. 1.  Avoid saturated fat

Balance your Cholesterol Diet

Can you change your diet enough to lower your cholesterol lipid levels to recommended levels? What are your options when you receive a cholesterol test report which says Total Cholesterol = 250, LDL  = 140, HDL =  35 and Triglycerides = 375? How do you change your life style to adjust the recommended cholesterol levels to

Unicity Balance Cholesterol

Here is a product that has saved thousands of lives throughout the world over the past 25 years. It controls the development of cholesterol plaque that forms in the coronary arties. The formation of this plaque will eventually cause the artery to become obstructed thereby slowing or even stopping the flow of blood throughout the

Natural Fiber Supplements

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