Feeling Fuzzy? Consider Unicity Matcha Green Tea.

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Kick boxer and MatchaAre you feeling fuzzy?  Consider Unicity Matcha Green Tea to clear up that fuzzy feeling naturally. 

Is your life full of distractions?… Unicity Matcha green tea will sharpen your focus and give you strength from a cellular level and provide the power to take on most challenges.

The Chi-Oka blend of Unicity Matcha Green Tea is rich in antioxidants and other vital nutrients. It provides a natural source of energy and improved mental clarity.

Mix a packet of Matcha with water or juice, drink it and experience the following:

  • Alertness and focus of the mind is increased
  • Vitality is added to your mind and body.
  • Concentration is improved, and stress is relieved
  • Add to healthy metabolism and yield more energy
  • Protect cells from oxidative damage


Go to Unicity Matcha and purchase the product or ask for a sample and try it out.

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