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Matcha Energy Here is a product that provides you with Smart Energy.

It is a low-carb product including a blend of natural ingredients such as pomegranate, blueberries, vitamin C and resveratrol to increase metabolism, lower stress, boost energy and increase mental clarity.

Additionally, along with the creation of energy, muscle fatigue is reduced. This is brought about by the strong antioxidant properties of catechins, a component of Matcha, a result of Chi-Oka (Japanese green tea) Matcha grown in the shade and hand harvested. It is not steeped but eaten in total so the nutrients such as chlorophyll, protein and dietary fiber in the tea leaves are consumed.

Caffeine and theophylline are naturally occurring amino acids in the Matcha green tea.  A state of awakeness and the reduction of fatigue is the result.  Additionally, theophylline helps generate the state of alertness and concentration.

This all brings about vitality and harmony to your mind and body.

U Matcha is a refreshing drink that contributes to energy, vigor, vitality and focus to your life.

Go to the attached page on Matcha Green Tea to learn more about it and select either Matcha-Energy or Matcha-Focus to purchase and enjoy. You will receive and 15% discount and free shipping. You will live a refreshed life from now on.

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