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fat tire bicycleAn additional 10% discount is applied to several products starting on December 15.   This brings the total discount to 25% off the retail price. Included is free shipping when two or more of the products are ordered. Go to to view the following products.

The products included are Unicity Balance-Cholesterol, Balance-Glucose, Matcha-Energy, Matcha-Focus, Complete-Vanilla and Complete-Chocolate.  These products are directed towards heart health, control cholesterol, lower the risk of diabetes, added energy, increased mental focus, meal replacement and weight loss.

When Checking Out on any of these six products, insert the promo code PRIME in the discount box and receive a discount on the retail price totaling 25%. You will receive free shipping on a single order for a limited time.

Take advantage of this Product Special and start on a path towards a healthier life. The Unicity Balance and Matcha products along with 8 other products are listed in the PDR (Physicians Desk Register). Your doctor will recognize the PDR.

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