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You can be at the prime of your life at any age.  Now is the time to get started looking and feeling like you are in your prime with this all-encompassing Transformation program.

The Unicity Transformation program is a 12-week program that counsels each participant individually on improved nutrition, exercise, education and relationships, all of which combine to increase the effectiveness of the Unicity Core Products you will be using during the program. A personal coach will be conference calling you to provide weekly educational input, accountability and guidance for you to meet your goals of greater health and loss of weight.

David McCatty, shown below, is an example of the great results that can be achieved when following the Transformation Program correctly.

Before starting the program he had been overweight, with high blood pressure, and taking cholesterol medicine regularly.  Unhealthy food and sketchy exercise had been part of his daily routine. He had become increasingly dissatisfied with his shape and feelings of tiredness and lethargy  and finally decided to make a change.

“During my Transformation, I lost 35 pounds, eight inches off my waist, 5.5 inches off my hips, was able to get off of cholesterol medicine completely, lowered my blood pressure, and dropped my BPMs (beats per minute, or pulse) from 65 to 49,” David said.

David Mccatty

For details relating to the Transformation program, go to Unicity Transformation. Call 612-275-4622 and ask for Customer Service to discuss any details relating to the program.  Use ID #27876501 when enrolling in the Transformation Program.



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