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OsteoarthritisA few facts: Osteoarthritis (a.k.a. OA) affects an estimated 27 million Americans. OA  increases as people age.  Most people, 60 and over, have QA to some degree. Generally it develops due to a joint injury or stress from overuse. More women than men develop OA after the age of 50.

If you, a relative or friend has OA, be sure to read this article.  The time you spend reading this article will provide important information on the relief that everyone can use when OA affects the joints making it painful to go about your daily life.

The joint health product is CM Plex produced by Unicity International located in Orem UT. It is provided in two forms: softgel and cream (4 oz. tube).   It is a blend of cetyl myristate, cetyl myristoleate and other cetyl esters. The patented mix of compounds has been shown to penetrate and hydrate the joints, thereby increasing mobility. It has been clinically proven to increase the mobility of joints and also to reduce the inflammation of joints.

Go to the website associated with joint health supplements to review more information on CM Plex, concerning this amazing product. Additionally, it is listed in the PDR, (Physician’s Desk Reference). The PDR provides a list of medications recommended for the use to counter health problems.



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