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Bone health is so necessary for individuals in living the active life well into their 90’s. This is especially true for individuals who have undergone chemo treatments for certain types of cancer.

The use of Unicity’s bone and joint health products will help develop the required bone strength, reduce tissue inflammation, nourishes ligaments and tendons and protect the body from infections.

Calcium is the prime product required as a significant mineral for the development of strong bones; however, calcium alone is not enough to develop the bone strength. It requires supplements to increase the absorption rate and build healthy bones to slow the effects of aging.

Calcium Citrate is the most absorbable form of calcium.  Calcium Citrate  combined with Magnesium, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 , Vitamin C and Boron make up the product – Unicity Bone Fortify. This  will strengthen the bones for the many individuals.

Calcium Citrate is the prime product for the desired bone strength required for individuals to reach the 90s.

Bone Fortify

Unicity Bone Fortify


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