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Unicity Matcha-Energy is Smart Energy

DO YOU LACK THE ENERGY TO RAKE THE LEAVES? If so, read on… With the fall weather coming upon us, the raking of leaves will take its toll on your body. Here is a product that not only adds energy but you will be smarter for it. Matcha-Energy is a refreshing drink that adds antioxidants

Matcha Green Tea Powder is Perfect for Adding More Energy to Your Day

One of the common problems that many people have is that they just don’t have the energy that they need to get through the day with ease. People aren’t always getting the sleep that they need because of other obligations or because they have stayed up far too late watching TV or working on something

Matcha-Energy Provides You With Natural Energy

Has the Rio Olympics’ motivated you to increase your energy level? If so, read on. Here is a product that not only adds energy but you will be smarter for it. Matcha-Energy is a refreshing drink that adds antioxidants and other vital nutrients to your body. It is a low carb, low sugar product adding

CoQ10 Soft Gels Help Me Be Energetic Everyday

I struggled with low energy levels for years before finally deciding to do something about it. I found the perfect solution to give my body what it needs recently and it is my CoQ10 soft gels. I don’t know how I ever lived without them. I had been having low energy for a while. I

Handling Life Smartly with a Vitamin B Complex

Like most people, I have my ups and downs. Life is filled with good things and bad things, and there’s no stopping that. But to me, I think it’s best to be prepared for the future ahead. Because when something terrible happens, it’ll likely happen without warning. As a result, it’ll be a stressful time.

Matcha Green Tea Gives Me Focus For Weekend Errands

I drink Matcha green tea frequently and it’s great for giving my mind what it needs to focus. I especially need this focus when I need to get some important errands done on the weekends. It’s easy to get off track on the weekends when you’re having a lot of fun and enjoying time off

The Smart Healthy Drink – Unicity Matcha-Energy

Unicity Matcha-Energy, the healthy drink, is directed towards natural energy and mental focus. Included is a ceremonial grade of Chi-Oka Matcha green tea. You will be eating the entire leave, consuming 100% of the nutrients. A healthier alternative to the typical energy drinks and coffee.   Why drink it? A refreshing healthy drink. Natural source of prolonged

My Unicity Matcha-Energy Drink Helps Me Stay Productive At Work

I love my Unicity Matcha-Energy drink because it gives me the energy that I need to get through each work day and get a lot done. I have a very long commute to and from work each day and it really takes a toll on my ability to get enough sleep and to be able

Extra Energy from Matcha Green Tea Powder

Matcha-Energy Chi-Oka blend provides a natural source of energy and including improved mental clarity. It is rich in antioxidants and other vital nutrients. Add vitality and harmony to your mind and body. Relieve stress and improve concentration. This is supplied as a powder and mixed with water to drink for the added energy. Go to

Feeling Fuzzy? Consider Unicity Matcha Green Tea.

Are you feeling fuzzy?  Consider Unicity Matcha Green Tea to clear up that fuzzy feeling naturally.  Is your life full of distractions?… Unicity Matcha green tea will sharpen your focus and give you strength from a cellular level and provide the power to take on most challenges. The Chi-Oka blend of Unicity Matcha Green Tea