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A study recently published in the Journal of the American Heart Association indicates that the hospitalizations for ischemic stroke has increased by 44% during 2000 thru 2010 for people 25 to 44. Ischemic stroke amounts to 80% of all strokes and occurs when a blood vessel in the neck or brain is blocked. Brain cells begin to die when deprived of oxygen and vital nutrients. Muscular control or speech is compromised when this happens.

The risk factors for stroke are primarily the same for the young adults as for the older adults. These relate to obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. Strokes can also be caused by rare conditions such as congenital heart defects or injury to the arteries in the neck. There are 800,000 strokes per year with 90% happening to people 50 and older. A significant factor is the increase in strokes affecting the younger group.

80% of the strokes can be prevented in the first place by managing the key risk factors including eating well, limiting alcohol consumption and exercising. My brother-in-law has been a Master Swimmer for many years and is in fairly good shape yet he experienced a ischemic stroke several years ago. He started taking Cellular Essentials, a Unicity product clinically proven to clear arteries. The functioning of his brain has cleared and all is well.

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