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Unicity Balance is a product that has the advantage of making your life better when it relates to your heart, to your blood sugar levels and to your weight. Those are three health issues that are related to each other. Control one and the other two are impacted.

The main points addressed by Unicity Balance are as follows:

  • The included soluble fiber matrix promotes a feeling of being full when eating a meal.
  • The cholesterol level is lowered.
  • The blood glucose levels (or blood sugar levels) are controlled.
  • Leptin signaling of the brain is restored. This will tell the brain when you have eaten enough and the brain will cause you to stop eating.

This product is listed in the Physicians Desk Register (PDR), and clinically proven by Cleveland Clinic and many other medical clinics.

In summary, Unicity Balance can lower cholesterol to improve heart health, reduce the risk of stroke, lower blood sugars and assist in weight loss by just drinking 8 oz. of water with the fiber ingredients one to three times per day.

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