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Many times age brings on a problem with the heart. A high percentage of the problems are a clotting of the arteries resulting from high cholesterol levels. The high level of cholesterol, most likely will come on by the type of diet that the person eats. Eating red meat with high levels of saturated fat will be the most likely problem.

Usually the medical profession will prescribe a statin drug to resolve the issue. This definitely will take care of the LDL portion of the lipid level. However, a problem may arise when taking the statin drug. The side effects can be a real problem for the individual. The result can be pains in the legs or many other painful effects.

The other problem may arise where both the triglycerides and the LDL are both at a high level. One drug may not address both of the conditions. Therefore, two drugs may be necessary which create additional conflicts with side effects. The answer to this problem is a product from Complete Heart Health.

Unicity Balance Cholesterol is noted to change all aspects of the cholesterol lipids for the better. The LDL and Triglyceride levels will be lowered. The HDL level will be increased. The final result is the cholesterol reading will be lowered.

This does not end the problem. The clotting of the arteries is not removed by lowering the cholesterol. Another Unicity product will work on that problem. Review the Cellular Essentials Pack as a possible solution to clotted arteries.


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