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cholesterol 4I like to be able to get the most from my workouts whether I am running or I am doing some weight lifting. There are so many benefits to exercise and you can’t get those benefits from eating well or from following a certain kind of diet. I like to exercise regularly so that I am sure to get all of the benefits that only come from a good workout.

There are a lot of different workouts out there but I really like to go running as my main workout. Running has so many benefits including increasing your good cholesterol and lowering your blood pressure. The type of workout that running is gives the body so many benefits and it is hard to do something that compares.

I like to do some long-distance running and to push myself really hard when I am running. I run four miles every time that I go running and I run some of the way uphill. I have been really healthy for a long time and I have never had any of the healthy issues that many people have today. I think that is because of my running. Being able to increase good cholesterol with running is great.

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