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Unicity Complete is the real Meal Replacement Shake

Unicity Complete

Here are three flavors of a product that provides a meal replacement shake, the Vanilla, Chocolate and Vanilla Vegan.

It will jump start your metabolism when taken it the morning. It provides energy over an extended period of time without causing a spike in your blood sugar.

The product includes high quality protein, natural fiber, vitamins and minerals to ensure a well nourished, energized body.

Included are 4 g of dietary fiber, 2 g of sugars, 5 g net carbs and 100% RDA of a majority of the multi-vitamins.

IN SUMMARY:  Why should it be included in your diet?

It is a major part of a weight management program.
It is more than just a meal replacement.
It tastes good.
Metabolism is jump started.
Muscle mass is built up and maintained by the 20 g of high quality protein in the Vanilla flavored product. The Chocolate flavored product includes 18 g and the Vegan product provides 12 g.
Energy is prolonged without a blood sugar spike.

Go to this website to find the meal replacement shake described above. Add some frozen berries and the shake will be real winner. The chocolate flavor may be more to your liking. The vegan option may meet your desired diet.

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